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Internal Medicine and Obstetrics-Gynecology
Audrey Bromberger, M.D.

Hi, I am Dr. Audrey Bromberger, and I would first like to thank you for taking the time to see if I am the right doctor for you!

I consider myself very fortunate in that I have been able to turn my love of science and my zest for life into a career of helping people. My style is interactive and less formal; I love to share my life with my patients, and since I'm a mom times two and have had gynecological surgeries, I definitely have personal experience.

My professional qualifications include continued education and recertification since 1991, when I passed my Boards after studying and training here in Chicago (Chicago Medical School and Illinois Masonic Medical Center.) I have special expertise in natural hormone therapy and the incorporation of integrative/alternative medicine, especially herbals and body work. Other interests include aesthetics (Botox, microdermabrasion) and skincare.

My personal passions are organic gardening, cooking, good books, and of course my college-age kids, Sean and Clare, and my wonderful spouse of many years, John.


Audrey Bromberger, M.D.
Audrey Bromberger, M.D.
Obstetrics-Gynecology Physician